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Like-Live Automated Webinars
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Have you ever desired to do a webinar that sells your products or services for you? Do you have a book, item, or service that you would like people to know more about with the option to purchase at the end? Are you challenged by technology and prefer assistance to create and set up automated webinars that work with very little time and effort? Would you like your webinar to be on autopilot while you sit back and only communicate with your listeners by email at specific times? A like-live webinar is a pre-recorded webinar, or video that plays automatically at set times of your choosing. We can help you get your like-live automated webinar up and going as we partner with one of our providers to bring you software that looks simple and amazing on all devices. Deliver pixel perfect presentations with quality audio and video. Regardless of what you're presenting, our webinars look simple and stunning.


Works with all major browsers.

All major browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge are supported regardless of the operating system. No clunky plugin or app installation required!

Optimized for all devices

Our webinar is optimized to look amazing on all devices including desktop, tablet, and mobile.


Beautiful registration pages.

We can help you create elegant and high converting registration pages for your webinars in no time. We can easily customize your landing pages to maximize your webinar registrations. We can specify text and background colors, headlines, descriptions, timers, logos, and more to craft the perfect, high converting landing page.

Boost sales with webinar offers.

With our help, offers can be displayed at specific times during your webinar presentation. Our fully customizable offers can help skyrocket your conversions and sales by giving your attendees a visual call to action, a direct link to your checkout page, and even a countdown timer for maximum urgency! 


Easy webinar scheduling.

Our software lets us easily schedule all your webinars for exactly when you want them. We can schedule your webinar for a specific time and date, or schedule your webinar on an ongoing basis for certain times and days. We also support "Just in time" scheduling, allowing registrants to join your webinar right away and maximizing event attendance!

Email question box.

Let your attendees quickly and easily interact with you or your team via an email question box on your webinar. Attendee messages and questions are sent directly to your email allowing you to respond directly from any device. This means you don't need to constantly micromanage and watch over your webinars, you can just respond to messages and questions as they come in from the comfort of anywhere. 


We now offer live webinars whenever you need to reach your entire audience like never before. We assist you in setting up your webinars. Thanks to the simple, worry free experience our webinar provides, connecting with your audience is easier than ever. Enjoy many like-live features included with our live webinars!

Quickly and easily switch between sharing your webcam and sharing your screen during your live presentations. It's never been this easy to share whatever you want with your audience in real time. Plus, crystal clear audio and video makes sure your attendees see exactly what you want them to see.

Our software allows instant Live recordings and easy replay pages. All live webinars are automatically recorded so that you can easily download them for later use. You can easily set up replay pages to get the recording of your presentation out to your audience. Simply set up your replay page in minutes using our high converting template, and blast it out! You can use our built in email notifications, or connect your own autoresponder.

Now, you can easily switch between sharing your webcam, or your computer screen during live presentations. Also, share whiteboard drawings, or visual calls to action in realtime to your audience. The choice is yours! 

Up to 1000 attendees per webinar

Multiple presenters

Multiple live webinars

Unlimited registrations

Screen/webcam sharing

Replay live recordings

Email notifications

Optimized for all devices

Powerful analytics

Easy presenter controls

Whiteboard drawings

Multi-language support

Fully fledged live chat

Engagement boosting offers

Let us help you reach your goals today!

New live webinars
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