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Equipment Recommendations To Propel Your Professional Goals

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At Refined Reflections we provide you with insight to reach all of your goals. In todays world an in-depth understanding of technology is important. We love technology and the owners have personally worked for some of the largest tech companies in the US from Verizon, to Xfinity, and more. We understand how technology works and impacts your life. Many people want to start vlogs, podcasts, or webinars and just don't know where to start, or what to purchase and this is where we come in to educate you. Throughout the years the owners have purchased and utilized high-end equipment for business purposes. During those times, we learned what works and what doesn't. We personally use most of the items we recommend to our audience. We want you to excel and not waste your hard earned dollars on items that are too complicated, or costly. Before long, we will be providing personal reviews on many of these items detailing why we recommend each device. 

To make the process of purchasing these items easier we have listed our recommendations with links to Amazon below. Remember, we are dedicated to your success and do not engage in misleading, or pushy sales tactics that don't serve you or work in your best interest. Our recommendations are simply a way to help you reach your goals and no one is obligated to utilize our affiliate links, which we benefit from financially; however, we suggest the use of our affiliate link recommendations if it aligns well with what you desire to accomplish professionally.  As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. If you have any questions about our tech recommendations reach out to us today. If you are a client, you can use our booking software app, which you utilized during signup to reach us, or set up an appointment. Thank you and we look forward to assisting you.

Equipment links


Streaming Camera
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