In a turbulent world, let us help you make sense of it all.

Our life coaching will show you how to reach your goals

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Life can be full of unexpected surprises. 


Sometimes problems and personal life choices can be overwhelming. We can help guide you through the maze of complexity and restore balance to your life.


"You can have what you've always wanted."

General Relationships

Many individuals find it hard to navigate through the complexity of human relationships. Rather family, friends, work associates and so on, we will guide you through developing and sustaining healthy relationships. We also advise our clients on how to set boundaries and, or let go of unhealthy relationships. 

Intimate Relationships

Relationships can be difficult even for the best of them. With the right work, we will help guide you through a successful intimate relationship that will last. 


Have you ever thought about owning your own small business? Don't know where to start? Need direction? 

   Here are just a few ways we can assist you:

  • Establishing The Business

  • Business Name Creation

  • Building Your Brand

  • Web-Design Assistance

  • Maintaing Low Cost Expenditures

  • Utilizing Technology To Enhance Your Business, And Much More



Technology has infiltrated our lives.


Technology is changing the human experience at a rapid rate and understanding how technology affects us is extremely important. We teach you how to protect yourself, and or your brand. We train you to balance technology use throughout your everyday life. Let us help change you from tech illiterate-to tech savy!


Some topics include, but are not limited to:

1. In home tech training and recommendations

2. Group and Individual technology instructions 

3. Money saving guides for technology

4. Personal Brand Protection

5. Technology instructions for seniors

6. Cord-cutting 101

and more...






Do you want the look of success?

Tired of being unnoticed?

Want a more refined look?

Have a desire to impress?

Want to look the part without the high-end budget?

Want a new start or new position?


For Artists, Athletes, Business, Public Figures, Professionals Etc.


We refine what you reflect. We can help you change your look without changing who you are. We offer...





Man is mind body and spirit. 


A young woman once said, "I wish there was a way to look into the future and see how an unfortunate choice could negatively affect your life?" At that moment the insightful man then said, "but there is... it's called Wisdom!" 



Humans are complex beings. Far too often we work out in gyms, remember to take vacations, but neglect to care for our spiritual wellbeing. Our aim is to restore balance throughout humanity. Refined Reflection's focus is to help you understand the significance of choices, their effects on your life, and the lives of others. Our coaching is based on sound Christian principles while respecting the beliefs and traditions of others. Let us help bring harmony back to your life. 


To whom much is given much is required.


America is the most liberated country in the world. Americans have been given more freedoms and sexual freedoms than any other nation. Many believe themselves to be sexually free, but lack the communication skills to ask for what they truly want. Far too often, many have exchanged deep connections for surface desires, afraid of revealing one's true self, ultimately resulting in frustration and confusion. There is a way to discover sexual freedom through love, understanding, self-awareness, honesty, reciprocity and a host of personal development that will open the door to true fulfillment, and we will point the way. 



They say a man's domain is his castle, but what if that castle is in disarray? 


It can be a challenge to keep up with your own space when life gets busy and confusing. Every individual has their own ideal environment, but when others are included in that space it can easily become overwhelming. Sometimes we all need a mental reset to create that place that is conducive to order and satisfaction. We can help bring organization and structure to your home or business.



We all view the world through different lenses. Everyone has challenges in life with others that seem to be insurmountable. During these stressful times, we find ourselves at an impasse with people that appear to be resistant and or unreasonable. In times of conflict, a peaceful solution must be achieved in order to reduce unintentional harm, damage, or loss of all sorts. To avoid unnecessary pitfalls- conflict resolution is necessary. We work with two or more individuals, groups, and companies to help you attain an amicable solution through proper communication, understanding, and empathy. For further specifics on how we can help you achieve the best course of action contact us today. 


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