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Refined Reflections Certified Life Coaching involves becoming a collaborative partner with our clients. All of your answers come from inside of you and our desire is to help illuminate the aspects of your journey that are unique to your path. Our clients come from all walks of life and we practice a nonjudgmental approach to our coaching services. We guide you using our vast experience, coaching skills, and probing questions, which enables us to discover the answers that lie deep within to help you reach your personal and professional goals.

To us, Life consists of aspects that pertain to our everyday living, our internal relationship with ourselves, and others. The four segments within Life that we address include, but are not limited to:

  • Personal Relationships

  • Intimate Relationships

  • Sexuality

  • Space Management (Environment)

These segments are addressed as needed in our individual, couples, family, and or group sessions. 

Our further consulting and mentorship will provide input, advice, and suggestions to enhance, or overcome any situation, or challenge you may be facing in life. We will help you identify what is currently limiting your life status and set objectives to identify and achieve your desires for your future. 
We do not in any way make claims to be doctors, counselors, or therapists. Our instructions may also include recommendations to other professionals based on our customer's needs.  



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At Refined Reflections, we initially focus on helping you develop a positive internal relationship with yourself. We understand the significance of knowing oneself, being self aware, and acknowledging the personal weaknesses that could be holding you back from achieving your goals. Many times, personal beliefs that are no longer in alignment with your journey could be hindering your internal growth and future goals. We want to help you sort through the belief systems and ideas that stifle your expansion. Our Internal Self Cores process will be the vehicle to transport you from questioning parts of your path to being in alignment with your journey. We give you real guidance to help you make better choices and decisions that support your  journey and positive internal development. 

Furthermore, we help you develop, sustain, and empower healthy relationships with others. Regardless of whether the relationship involves, family, friends, or is a professional relationship, we support the cultivation of positive external relationships. We help you navigate the complexity of establishing respectful engagements and setting proper boundaries with individuals that may be internally unhealthy and detrimental towards your mental and emotional wellbeing. In some cases, letting go of unhealthy relationships may be the catalyst to shift your life in a more positive direction. We walk you through this new outlook step by step- to bring about the positive change you've been seeking, but may not have known how to achieve it. Let us be the spark to shine light on your path.

Personal Relationships


Intimate relationships can be difficult even for the best of us. Building the best intimate relationship with the right person is vital to cultivate positive progression within your life. Consequently, negative situations like- constant arguments, emotional distress, financial ruin, domestic disputes, mental, and physical ailments could all be a result of unhealthy intimate relationships. For the sake of your own wellbeing, it is vital to avoid these relationship pitfalls at all cost. With the right work, we will help guide you through a successful, long-lasting intimate relationship with your significant other. We accomplish this by understanding your truest desires and uncovering your Internal Self Cores developed by us.

We want you to be in fellowship with your significant other that aligns with your personal path and desires. We don't believe in forcing relationships; however, we believe in the organic cultivation of intimacy that reflects the truest connection to who you are and where you want to be. We encourage true, healthy, intimate relationships that reflect ease, and autonomy allowing you to blossom as you grow together in greater harmony and love.   

Intimate Relationships