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A young woman once said, "I wish there was a way to look into the future and see how a misguided choice could negatively affect your life?" At that moment the insightful man then said, "but there is... it's called Wisdom!" 

Humans are complex beings. Far too often we work out in gyms, remember to take vacations, but neglect to care for our spiritual wellbeing. Our aim is to restore balance throughout humanity. Refined Reflection's focus is to help you reconnect spiritually and understand the significance of choices, their effects on your life, and the lives of others. Our coaching is based on Christian principles, while understanding and respecting the beliefs and traditions of others.

We desire to help our clients connect with themselves by being in alignment with what is true to their personal journey. Many people are so focused on day to day struggles that they fail to give importance to their internal state of being.  We must learn how to connect with our inner-being, which promotes internal balance. We focus on relationship to self and the primary relationship to the Creator, including mankind and all life (Matthew 22: 36-40). When we connect to spirit, prayer and meditation no longer become taboo- or meaningless rituals, but we then strive to connect with the Creator on a deeper, more meaningful level. 

In our current world, we must be focused on our own internal state of being and not on any and everything else that surrounds us. We teach you to be deliberate or intentional about your thought processes, how to focus on positive thoughts, and to be aware of your negative thinking patterns. We point out that you are not in control of what other people do, but you are only responsible for your own internal growth, development and state of being. This way of thinking releases stress and the pressure to be what others want you to be and forces you to take your eyes off of the choices and decisions of others. When we focus on the health of our internal being, we then become a more capable vessel that is strategically inclined to be of greater service to others. There must be balance. Let us help bring harmony back to your life. 

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